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  • Morning Chanting/Morning Chanting w/o translation
  • Evening Chanting
  • Pat tha-na Chanting

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Programs Overview!

CMM Programs are designed to promote the study and practice of the Dhamma in its entirety.  

The programs encourage a wholesome balance of all the main facets of Buddhist practices, such as study, meditation, devotion, and service by Ajahn Chaiya


To honor the great wisdom and compassion of the Buddha,liturgical recitations are held each day before dawn and in the late afternoon, and as part of the weekly services.  Ajahn Chaiya also lectures on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).  The lectures are provided in Thai, Burmese, and English.  In addition, special guest speakers are invited each year to share their insight and knowledge of Buddhism.                     As an expression of Buddhist charity,lay volunteers of the Monastery run daily food pantries and provide emergency assistance to the monks.

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