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Welcome to World Peace-Lucky-Happy Pagoda

Chaiya Meditation Monastery, CMM is planning to build a pagoda containing the original Buddha's holy relics. Currently, the monastery is accepting donations for this noble project. The construction will begin early 2011. The CMM has been organized fundraising to recruit local and global people to be a part of this noble project.

Project Scope

To complete the World Peace-Lucky-Happy Pagoda and to maximize the use of this historical monument, the monastery will construct the cloister, pavilion, and walkway around the Pagoda.

The Cloister is in the southeast. It will welcome all people who step into the Pagoda, a quiet place for meditation and reflection.

The Kuan Yin Pavilion is in the west. The white jade Kuan Yin statue from Burma will stand inside the pavilion.

The Meditation Pathway ,or The Middle Dhamma Pathway will links the cloister and the pavilion together. The Bodhi Tree, also known as Bo, will plant between the World Peace-Lucky-happy Pagoda and Kuan Yin pavilion. The Bodhi tree means the tree under which the Buddha becomes fully aware of the Noble truth of the universe. Therefore, Bodhi tree is considered as sacred tree in Buddhism. At CMM, the Bo tree was reproduced from the original Sri Maha Bo at the Mahabodhi temple in India.

Please contact us at +1.702.456.3838 if you wish to donate and participate in this historical project..