Welcome to our Monthly FoodFair!

Turn Your Lunch into Donations

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The Food Fair is a monthly fundraising event at the monastery, CMM.

This event occurs once a month and the next coming events are as follows Sunday,Jan 31st, Feb 28th, March 27th, April 24th.

It is a non-profit event and all funds go to monastery's mortgage payment...So every penny counts!!!

Please come join us and "Turn Your Lunch into Donations" and give us a call at 702.456.3838 to find out more about the event. & Enjoy :-)

A Few Examples of Signature Dishes

Turn Your Lunch into Donations

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there are several main courses at the event and the featured entree dishes are as follows;

California signature dishes


  • Stew pork noodle
  • Chicken rice
  • Royal Siam deserts

Local signature dishes


  1. BBQ Chicken & Pork Satay
  2. Pad Thai & Mussel Sprout Pancakes
  3. Papaya salad & Curry Puff