Welcome to our Monthly FoodFair!

Turn Your Lunch into Donations

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The Food Fair is a monthly fundraising event at the monastery, CMM.

This event occurs once a month and the next coming events are as follows "There is NO Food Fair in Dec" We will see you again in Jan 2017.  Thank You for all your support.

It is a non-profit event and all funds go to monastery's mortgage payment...So every penny counts!!!

Please come join us and "Turn Your Lunch into Donations" and give us a call at 702.456.3838 to find out more about the event. & Enjoy :-)


A Few Examples of Signature Dishes

Turn Your Lunch into Donations

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there are several main courses at the event and the featured entree dishes are as follows;

California signature dishes


  • Stew pork noodle
  • Chicken rice
  • Royal Siam deserts

Local signature dishes


  1. BBQ Chicken & Pork Satay
  2. Pad Thai & Mussel Sprout Pancakes
  3. Papaya salad & Curry Puff